The Slovenian Philosophical Society (SFD) associates individuals working in the field of philosophy as their primary occupation and all others with special interest in development of philosophy. The main purpose, goal and project of the SFD is to maintain, stimulate and support the reflective, scientific and professional work in the field of philosophy and related sciences – from popularisation of philosophy and educational work in all levels to the highest achievements in the field. Special emphasis is given to the development of philosophy in Slovenia as well as to cooperation with similar foreign organisations.

SFD is publishing ‘Anthropos’ periodical and organizes lectures as well as major philosophic symposia.


Slovenian Philosophical Society
Faculty of Arts
Department of Philosophy

Aškerčeva 2
1001 Ljubljana

tel.: ++ 386 (1) 241 14 94

E-mail: drustvo.ljsfd(at)guest.arnes.si